BPMCounter 2004

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BPMCounter 2004 include this:

  • New user interface.
  • Only one .EXE file and no extra files needed.
  • Delay time calculator, counter and manual.
  • Metronome with sound!
  • Windows XP Theme support
  • Loads faster then previus versions.
  • Save to file supported in BPM and MPM mode.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Copy values to clipboard.
  • Transparency mode (win2000 or better)
  • Design changes in Settings dialog
  • No Spyware, Adware or Viruses

    ...and it's still freeware!!


What is BPM and MPM?

BPM or Beat per minutes is a number that tell you how fast a tune is.
It's most used on disco/trance/pop songs.

If You a "home DJ" the BPM is great if you want nice mixes. Then BPM Counter 2004 is the program for You !!

BPM Counter 2004 supports MPM, Measures per minutes. That's like BPM but it's used on dances like foxtrot, cha cha, Waltz, etc. 

BPM Counter 2004 also includes a Delay time calculator.


About BPM Counter 2004

BPM Counter 2004 is a manual BPM Counter.

You listen to the music and you push the BEAT button on every beat.
BPM Counter then calculates the BPM, MPM, Delay time values in real time.

The program has a save function to save the BPM / MPM value, artist-, album-
and trackname to a textfile.


Screenshots FAQ


Download for Windows 
Build 2968 - Released february 26  2006

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With installer: Without installer:
bpmcounter2004_setup.exe - 327 kb
Use this version if you want to redistribute it.
bpmcounter.exe  - 326 kb
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