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Taskmgr Starter - 490 KB

Downloaded 7482 times.

Do you have problem choosing what Task Manager to use?
With this program you can choose between four including Windows Task Manager.

Process Explorer, Process Monitor and Autoruns can you download free
from Windows Sysinternals. Place each .EXE in the same folder as Taskmgr Starter.

Screenshot on Taskmgr Starter


HideDrive - 179 KB

Downloaded 7480 times.

If you work with group policies in Windows XP & Windows 2003. There is an option to hide/deny access to drives. This small application helps you calculate the number to use.

Screenshot on HideDrive


Colorconverter - 165 KB

Downloaded 7496 times.

Screenshot on Colorconverter


MD5 hash - 185 kb

Downloaded 7510 times.

Screenshot on MD5 hash


Access DB Manager - 230 KB

Downloaded 7497 times.

Screenshot on Access DB Manager



Microsoft Tweak UI launcher - 134 KB

Downloaded 7471 times.

Note: When you install the latest Microsoft Tweak UI for Windows XP, no control panel
applet is installed. Copy this file to your system32 folder and you get one!

Screenshot on MS Tweak UI Controlpanel Icon

Download Tweak UI for Windows XP here.

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